1. How do I care for my Jsecret Product?

All Jsecret Products are made of 925 Sterling Silver and 999 Fine Silver, with proper care your silver will retain its beauty.
999 Fine silver does not tarnish and 925 Sterling silver do not rust but it will oxide when it exposed to air and become dull. It is easily refurbished by polishing with dry polishing cloth, after clean it please keep in airtight bag, stay cool and dry place.


2. How to place my order?

Any purchases can be checkout through our Website, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, any of our social media.


3. How much is the shipping cost?

Shipping costs for your order, click ‘Check out’ to see the Estimated shipping cost.


4. How do I verify the jewellery is certified 925 Silver?

All of our 925 Sterling Silver jewels are hallmarked with “925” with the exception of fragile and tiny items which could damage if hallmarked or too small to carry the hallmark.


5. Do your products tarnish or turn black?

Silver is not darkened by "oxidation" (since it is a noble metal and cannot be oxidized), but it acquires that color by "sulfidation". Another factor to consider is the PH of our skin. If it tends to be acidic, there is more chance that the silver will turn black.
If it turns black, you may use a silver-clean product for cleaning silver jewellery. We offer FREE cleaning service in our store. Just mail us your Jsecret jewellery. It is free of charge for LIFETIME. (Note: Jsecret do not bare the delivery fees )