Guide to Check Out

From Jsecret Store, click on the Jewellery that you like to purchase.
Then check for the information in the product description.
Once confirmed, click the "ADD TO CART" button.

A popout will show:

If the item is correct, click the "CHECKOUT" button

Checkout Page

Input the contact information and shipping address on the left.
Then check the item and it price on the right.
Once done, click the "Continue to shipping" button.

From the shipping page, select the preferred shipping method.
Check through, once done, click "Continue to payment" button.

From the payment page, input the Billing Address.
Then copy the URL from DuitNow QR and paste to another browser tab.

Scan the QR code, and made the payment.
Inform Jsecret Store once the payment has been made.
(Contact Jsecret Store if did not see the QR code)

Back to the Jsecret Store payment page

Click the "Complete order" button.

You will see the order receipt page

Check through all the information displayed correctly, then click "Continue shipping" button.