Concentrate Silver Solutions 32ml 浓缩新银水

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银水使用方式如下 Silver solutions Using Method

Step 1: Soak the jewellery in silver water not more than seven seconds. 别让纯银首饰洗超过7秒钟

Step 2 : Wash it with clean water immediately after picking up from silver water 立刻使用清水冲洗干净

Step 3: Dry it with dry cloth / silver polishing cloth before wear or store it up. 冲洗后,可以使用干布和擦银布擦拭纯银首饰,再将它戴上或收进密封袋里, 或者你要直接戴着也可以

注意 : 任何纯银首饰都可以使用,但是不建议经常使用,必要时首饰黑/黄了,3-4个月使用一次即可哦💖