S999 Silver Rough Star Shine Rounded Bangle 满星足银手镯 99B733

S999 Silver Rough Star Shine Rounded Bangle 满星足银手镯 99B733

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Product Description:

Code: 99B733

Length:  18.8cm Adjustable length

Material : 999 Fine Silver - High quality 999 Pure silver 999 silver soft to bend and easily for adjust)

All products are 100% Skin Friendly. Suitable for sensitive and allergy skin. 

Packaging:  The item comes with a gift box. Ready for gifting.

  • If you wear it all the time, it won’t tarnish 
  • Anti Fade, Anti Rust
  • Skin Friendly , Allergy Free

现代医学认为 - 【银】能杀菌消炎,排毒养生,延年益寿,长期使用,可以起到加速新陈代谢、增强抵抗力

      据说长期佩戴‘纯银’手镯能祛湿, 高贵的手镯也寓意富贵吉祥的象征

-- 去湿指的就是祛风湿、除湿热。中医疗法中的针灸,所用的就是银针。在四川的凉山地区,当地的彝族有个偏方,人们生病的时候,煮一个鸡蛋,趁热剥掉蛋壳,然后把蛋黄挖掉,放一块银在里面,用热毛巾包住鸡蛋,在病人的太阳穴、两只手碗内侧以及肚剂眼上来回滚动,鸡蛋凉了以后,把里面的银拿出来,可以看到银表面已经变黑,说明它把病人体内的湿气吸出来了。


Few Tips on How to Maintain Your Products :

  • Advisable to use perfume, hairspray and other cosmetics before putting on the jewellery
  • For tarnish removal should be cleaned using a silver polish cloth to clean the jewellery
  • All Jewellery boxes are not airtight, so it is advisable to keep in any airtight bag before keep in Jewellery box to prevent any oxidation.
  • Safe to wear during shower 
  • Use a silver solution or silver polish cloth for tarnish removal and polishing to clean silver jewellery. 


Material Information:

All Jewellery products are made of 925 Sterling Silver or Pure 999 Silver. 100% Pure silver guaranteed.









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